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August 2009 - Swine Flu

The rate of swine flu has levelled out since it first arrived in the UK.

However, all strains of flu have the lowest level infection during summer months.

Autumn and early Winter are expected by experts to see a major increase of the infection rate.

The experts are now advising everyone to carry out risk-assessments and incorporate additional cleaning measures in high risk areas.

In addition to the advice regarding air-born infection prevention methods organisations should assess the cleaning frequency and methods for all types of handles, taps, light switches, handrails, telephones, keyboards and work-surfaces.

The most effective way of cleaning these areas is by using anti-bacterial and anti-viral spray cleaners with disposable cloth and gloves.

May 2009 - News
We recently asked our clients for feedback about the services we provide for them.

The clients that responded gave us these ratings:
&bull 12% Exceptional
&bull 29% Very Good
&bull 59% Good

None of our clients said that our services were "Poor" or "Unsatisfactory".

We plan to regularly ask for client feedback as part of our Quality Management System to ensure that we deliver a high and increasing level of client satisfaction.